IF-Rencontres Européennes Italie-France

Volta est le cofondateur et partenaire de IF-Rencontres Européennes Italie-France. IF est un groupe d'innovateurs et de chercheurs en sciences sociales italiens et français qui souhaite donner vie à un nouveau réseau franco-italien, avec un horizon européen. Deux pays...


Volta is an accelerator of ideas, based in Milan, Rome, Brussels and this website. A unique gathering of people from different cultures, professions and worlds who are united by the conviction that the best way of predicting the future is by inventing it.

Volta’s two dimensions:

in Europe, VOLTA is actively engaged in the creation
and dissemination of the big ideas needed to reenergize the public debate, restoring a sense of direction to meet the challenges of the 21st century;

in Italy VOLTA prepares a new generation for the governance of the country, elaborates and experiments with policies, promotes a model of growth that is open, creative and inclusive.



To be understood in its original form:
a protected place within which discussions about key themes can be held and different perspectives freely-explored.


A generator of sustainable initiatives:
VOLTA’s projects are tailor-made so that they can be applied to the different
fields of culture, social innovation, and the environment.


A small library of highly readable e-books; including documents, working papers and white papers but not limited to these. Books that are good enough to print and sell but won’t be, so that they can be distributed for free, and in timely form, where each and every text can participate in or fire up new conversations in public debate..


Case History

An ongoing portfolio of best practices from around the world, selected according to their relevance to the Italian and European context. Cutting-edge concrete models that provide new instruments for public action.


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