Volta is partner of Innocracy 2021 “Democratising Democracy”, 14 & 15 October 2021


Innocracy is a European civil-society conference based in Berlin. Since 2017, once a year, Innocracy explores innovations in democracies. From reflections on the status quo, via practical examples of change to painting tangible future visions, the conference seeks to improve liberal democracy from the inside out. Innocracy is known for its community character, innovative formats and future-oriented debates.

Innocracy 2021

For more and more people, the future is no longer a promise but a threat. They feel a sense of powerlessness in the face of global developments such as the climate crisis, economic transformation and cultural backlashes.

We believe, for the 2020s to become a decade of transformation, it also has to become a decade of democratisation. At Innocracy 2021, we want to identify fields which are excluded or are being removed from democratic control and explore whether and how (re-)democratising them could lead to a better future.

For more information: https://innocracy.eu/